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This week we welcomed 5 men, 1 couple and a family of 6, all from Pennsylvania. At the end of the week, we said goodbye to Joval, Richard & Esther, and Staci.

Volunteers noticed the difference that patched drywall and primer makes in a home that had it’s drywalling challenges. We were grateful to John for bringing his stilts and addressing the final coats of mud on the ceiling. By the end of the week the house had been completely primed.

Other volunteers brought good carpentry skills which were put to good use. Two decks and skirting on the trailer completed the exterior of Robert and Kerri’s home. Inside the butcher block island was treated and furnished with a beautiful new sink. Baseboards and trim finishing brought this home nearing completion.

Mary’s home received 2 new patio doors and major appliances thanks to the Covenant Community Church. We are looking forward to a home dedication for Mary in the near future.

We were also able to help Dave & Lisa by installing their kitchen. Their son Jonathan had done much of the restoration work and we brought the needed help to complete it.

Closer to home, we are very grateful to Ron and Rob for organizing our tool trailer and addressing a few small needs in our RV’s.

The grandpa’s and grandma’s among us had a great week relaxing with our little helpers thanks to Wilson & Marilyn, who are training their children for service early.  Jashawn (8) spent several days on the job running for tools and making sure the lunch cooler was in the right place at the right time! At camp our dining room floors were always well swept and vacuumed thanks to Emilee (6) and Trina (4).  Branson (2) entertained us with his sweet smiles and hugs.

Thanks to Margaret and Millie we all ate well!

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Fred, Peter, Roger, Richard, Esther, Margaret, Millie and Anne

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