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This week we were blessed by another group of volunteers from La Crete Alberta. There were 15 men, some were younger than others, but all were very energetic. Lots of work was done this week. 

On Monday a group went to Mary’s house to work on her well. They pulled the pump out, ordered a new pump as well as other plumbing supplies. Her well is now in working order. Always good to have people with the skill for the task. Good job Steve and crew! 

There were some young men doing a bit of repairs on the church yard and repair a water heater in a trailer. The rest of the week they have been working on Betty’s bathroom. Pulling everything out and redoing it all.  

A large group has been working on the Habitat building. They have removed the old roof, put up new rafters, put on new tin and built new doors and painted facia. 

Another group was at Marisol’s place, putting up soffit, facia, fixed and electrical outlet and put on the skirting. Then they went to Mary’s house to finish her steps. This group all went to Joni’s house to put on new skirting. Great job! 

Another group started on a large reno job in Myakka City. They have taken down sheet rock from the ceilings, taken down cabinets and made the sure electricity was not working while they were working on the electrical in the kitchen. 

We have had a wonderful week! God always provides the talents we need. 

Submitted by: Bruce, Peter & Margaret, John, Hannah, Kathryn, Lauri, Kathy and Joyce 

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