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This week we are thankful for the arrival of a large group from La Crete, Alberta.  Five couples and five men came prepared to tackle the jobs we had lined up for them.  


One group of able-bodied folks were sent to assist the Hardee County RV group with the sheeting and shingling of a new build.  They were treated to bags of thanksgiving goodies prepared by the girl guides. 


Work continued on Joni’s house as more flooring was installed, the crown molding was completed and the baseboards were installed.  The kitchen cabinets and the counter were put in just in time for her Thanksgiving celebration.  Thanks Cole!  There was enough laminate flooring left to install landings at both entry ways. New skills were honed. 


Work also continued at Marisol’s home.  All new windows were installed and the siding is very close to being completed.  This was particularly rewarding for our volunteers because of the challenge this job has been.  Thanks Erv and team! 


A new job this week was at Angela’s home.  Old flooring was removed, new flooring was installed and trim finished the job.  Angela appreciated the sensitivity of our team as they were considerate of her special needs son.  Well done Bruce and team! 



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Bruce, Peter, Roger, Erv, Hannah, Margaret, Esther, Kathryn, Lauri, and Anne 

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