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There was no fooling around in the Arcadia MDS Unit on April 1! Instead, 15 young men from southern Indiana spread out among several job sites and quickly went to work. At Mr. Smith’s home they completed the crown molding, installed door frames, and completed the painting. Mr. Ussery was elated with all that was accomplished at his home this week: plumbing, insulation and drywall replacement, reframing doors and windows, and installing a new shower. Eighteen months after Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc on his home, Mr. Ussery had all but lost hope. This week his hope was restored.

Volunteers removed and replaced the flooring in Ms. Hatcher’s mobile home,  replaced the roof on Mr. Buchanan’s home, and did drywall finishing at the Lewis home.  Several volunteers went to neighboring Hardee County where we are completing a home that was mostly built by the winter MDS RV project, which closed at the end of March. In the Lara home on Lee Street they installed flooring and baseboard, closet shelving, the kitchen countertop and sink, and the water heater.

We were blessed by very pleasant weather this week. Ample rain on Wednesday night refreshed the land. One of the highlights for the weekly volunteers was an evening trip to the bridge over the Myakka River where the alligators hang out.

Submitted by Joetta Schlabach

Group photo:

Back row l-r: Kylan Yoder, Ervin Graber, Josh Miller, Ayden Raber, Elmer Graber

Middle row l-r: Harvey Fehr, Gene Kaufman, Eric Douglas, Luke Knepp, Marcus Kemp, Jeremiah Knepp, Nathan Graber, Jesse Wagler, Javon Wagler, Dalton Yoder, Matt Graber

Front row l-r: Joetta Schlabach, Mary Joyce Wise, Lucinda Shirk, Larry Loganbill, Janis Ott

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