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A group of ten Amish young men and their driver from Indiana drove through the night and arrived at camp Monday morning. After a quick orientation, they headed out to the job sites. The family of Janis Ott, our year-long German volunteer, also joined us this week. What a delight to meet Janis’ father, mother and sister who traveled from Germany!


The group worked on eight homes this week. They painted the ceiling at Mr. Ussury’s home. At the Dennison home they replaced wall studs, hung and mudded drywall, framed a wall, patched the subfloor and replaced soffit. For Mr. Alexas, they demolished drywall and scraped off the ceiling. They installed roof supports and put on a roof tarp at the Mintzer home. For Ms. Lewis, they painted trim and doors, worked on flooring in the living room and two bedrooms and installed baseboard. At Mr. Hernandez’ home, they tore off old shingles, repaired trusses and sheathing before installing the new shingles and replacing soffit. They also replaced the soffit for Mr. Baderas and put on tarp for the Hetherington home.


One afternoon, the ten Indiana young men took off early and spent a fun evening at the beach. Another evening Janis’ mother and sister prepared a delectable German meal of potato dumplings, stew, purple cabbage, salad and a delicious German cheesecake.


This was a week of transition. The cooks, Lucinda Shirk and Mary Joyce Wise, office manager Joetta Schlabach, project director Keith Graybill and year-long volunteer, Janis Ott, finished out their terms of service in Arcadia. Mark Epp and his wife Cathy Wismer arrived from Nebraska as the new project director and assistant cook. Josie Swartzentruber replaces Joetta in the office and Alice Wolfgang will serve as head cook.


Submitted by Josie Swartzentruber for the Arcadia, FL Team


Group photo: Standing l-r: Keith Graybill, Neami Ott, Ryan Sprunger, Jens Ott, Inkosiinhle Ndlovu-Mathuthu, Jack Odhiambo, Janis Ott, Joetta Schlaach, Eric Douglas

Seated l-r: Lucinda Shirk, Kathrina Ott, Mary Joyce Wise

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