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Our weekly volunteers came from three states this week: five men from Pennsylvania, two men and a woman from Virginia, and a woman from Kentucky. They worked at six different homes during the week. The Pennsylvania crew and one of the Virginia men removed shingles and reroofed the home of Ms. Balderas. Others completed the work at Ms. Davis’ home by priming the new, unfinished kitchen cabinets, installing a cabinet and range hood above the stove, installing baseboard, and covering an unprotected exterior roof transition area.

Work continued on Mr. Ussery’s home where volunteers painted the interior walls and worked on repairing holes in the ceiling and floor. All the walls and ceiling were also painted at Ms. Lewis’ home, as well as doors, trim, and baseboard. Work began on the home of Mr. Dennison where volunteers removed drywall and began assessing the needed repair work. They installed a temporary load-bearing wall and replaced some ceiling joists. A group also tore down and hauled away the debris from a damaged lean-to behind the Allied Church of God in Christ, an historic building that suffered significant damage from Hurricane Ian.

On Wednesday evening Mr. Ussery joined us for dinner and shared about his experience living through Hurricane Ian. His home is located close to the Peace River and was badly damaged by the flood waters. It took nearly 1 ½ years for repair work to begin on his home, during which time he has lived in a travel trailer. He is deeply grateful for all that MDS volunteers have accomplished so far.

Larry Stoner and Vern Geissinger spent two days in the area, making arrangements for the summer youth program in Venice. On Thursday evening, Larry, who is the Regional Operations Coordinator for Region One, spoke to the group, giving a much-appreciated broader perspective on the work of MDS.

Submitted by Joetta Schlabach 


Group photo:

Standing l-r: Lucinda Shirk, Inkosiinhle Ndlovu-Mathuthu, Jan Miller, Eric Douglas, Mary Manuel, Ryan Sprunger, Jack Odhiambo, Janis Ott, Shane Martin, Dan Martin, Alvin Sauder, Mary Joyce Wise. Seated l-r: Joetta Schlabach, Merv Martin, Calvin Miller, Paul Hoover, Keith Graybill, Joel Martin.

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