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An energetic group of six students and three staff members from Eastern Mennonite High School were joined by two women from Ontario as our weekly group. At midweek we also welcomed Keith Graybill who is replacing Larry Loganbill as Project Director this weekend and Ryan Sprunger who is replacing Gene Kaufman as Construction Supervisor.  


A highlight at the beginning of the week was to attend the Home Dedications for two of the homes in Hardee County, completed by the winter RV project. Final work continued on the remaining new build in Hardee County, the Lara home, which will soon be ready for its final inspection. The dedication of this house cannot be scheduled until septic work is completed, which is the responsibility of other parties.  


While we are usually in the business of repairing or rebuilding, this week we did a demolition of an out-building on a farm outside of Arcadia. The building had suffered wind damage during Hurricane Ian and the family was elated to have it torn down. Volunteers did cabinet installation and painting work in Ms. Davis’ home and installed a door for Ms. Hatcher. Work continued on Mr. Ussery’s home where volunteers began priming the drywall. They also installed a drip pan below the double, sliding door on his home.   


Our work week was a bit shorter than normal since the EMHS group needed to return to Virginia on Friday. Even during a short week they got in some evening fishing, observed some alligators, and took a dip in the ocean at Sarasota. 


Submitted by Joetta Schlabach  


Group photo:  

Back row l-r: Simon Shank, Chloe Thornton, Joey Fink, Mason Lawson, Lukas Shank, Isaac Sachs 

Middle row l-r: Eric Douglas, Gene Kaufman, Jack Odhiambo, Paul Leaman, Terry Kauffman, Mary Jo Veurink, Janis Ott, Inkosiinhle Ndlovu-Mathuthu, Larry Loganbill 

Front row l-r: Joetta Schlabach, Helen Klassen, Rebecca Matson, Lucinda Shirk, Mary Joyce Wise 

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