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Photo of a young adult MDS volunteer installing house wrap on a recent project.

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Why does Okanogan, Washington need MDS?

Forty-seven new homes and counting. In a community that has suffered from wildfires since 2014, with the most recent in 2020, long-term recovery has been quietly progressing. MDS is a vital part of volunteer efforts that have kept hope alive for...

Volunteer In Okanogan

“Having a good time together and doing God’s work,” is how 35-year-old Kelcie Dorsing Brewer described her recent week of volunteering for Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) in Okanogan, Washington.  She’s planning to go back and, given the...

In Colville Native American community

When a wildfire raged too close, James McCraigie tried to grab his three dogs and get out. He managed to take two—He-man and Bobby—as his third dog, Teala, hid under McCraigie’s mobile home. “I just kept my fingers crossed it was going to...

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