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This week we had a crew of 18. Three from Kingsville, Elora, and Kitchener, Ont; five from Grunthal, Altona, and Steinbach, Man.; one couple from Saskatoon Sask.; six from St. Albert, Sexsmith and Calgary, Alta.; and two from Abbotsford and Blind Bay, B.C.

The volunteers worked hard and progress was made on:

  • The Eager house: Finished installing all drywall upstairs. Also finished most of the first coat of mudding. Framed in some bulkheads and completed the insulation.
  • The Maisonneuve house: Worked on taping, mudding, caulking outside, and primed the interior of the house.
  • The Hanton/Sunby house: Painted doors, installed closet doors, prepared the floor for laying flooring, caulked the exterior of the house. Painted all trim, casing and baseboard, window jam. Trim installed around all windows.
  • The Peden/Hamilton house: Installed the drywall and started with the mudding and taping. Will continue mudding next week.

Our highlights included getting to know and supporting one another and enjoying support from the community of Westwold—we received gifts of fresh eggs, cabbages, tomatoes, turnips, zucchini, and fresh corn on the cob from the local 4-H. These food gifts were much appreciated by the cooks! We invited the Maisonneuve home owners for dinner and they shared their challenges after the 2021 fire with us. The devotional times have been inspiring in that they share personal God stories.

Thank you to Wayne Drudge, Dan & Olive Fast, Kevin Greenwood, Steven Billing, Benjamin Greenwood, Jennifer Crosby, Ron & Heather Wiebe, Thomas Bussemeier, Edee Adam,

Long term volunteers: Roman Heuft, Ray & Darlene Funk, Wayne & Val Pappel, Gordon & Maria Martens.

Reporting Darlene Funk

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