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This week we had the privilege having Grant Binder from Calgary, AB, here for a second week. Our weekly volunteers this week were – Gordon Baergen from Edmonton, AB., Calvin Patterson of Chilliwack; James & Mary Wahl, Nathan & Cora Hoeppner, Sarah Wahl, Kendra Wahl, and Jaxon Peters from St. Vital EMC Church in Winnipeg. On Thursday we were blessed to be joined by 5 “Day Volunteers” from Armstrong.

The 4 houses have seen progress over this past week:

  • At the Eager house: The blessing of the 5 extra people on Thursday was to prepare the area for the sewer septic system to be installed. Thursday the 3 walls went up, Friday sheeting on the walls and worked on the deck, the mud room was framed.
  • At Hal and Linda’s house. Gyproc is 90% up on the ceilings and walls, taping and mudding has begun.
  • At the Peden house, the windows and doors are in, the plumber has been there. Our crew did some of the little things there—backing for the tub, stair, ladder.
  • At Fran’s. the shed is completed

We were invited to a community event on Friday evening to commemorate the anniversary of the losses of the 2021 fire.

We have been blessed to have a reprieve from the hot weather this week, Monday was the only day that the volunteers jumped into the lake on the way back to camp as the rest of the week was cooler.

One of the homeowners, Dustan & Tammy and family, joined us for supper on Wednesday for the meal and a time of getting to know the volunteers who are working on their home.

A special thank you to Don O’Neill a Long term volunteer who is left the project on the weekend.

Long term Volunteers this week were: Connie Goertzen, Don O’Neill, Nathan Bartel, Abram Reimer, Sofia Epp, Brianna Wiebe, Hannah Cober, Ike & Priscilla Epp

Reporting: Priscilla Epp

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