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It is a reality – we have only two weeks of service remaining here in Marianna.  We have accomplished much, but we won’t be able to provide what it takes to get everyone back in their homes – there are still people on the waiting list.  We will continue to work to finish the jobs we have started!


Job #5 –Kitchen cabinets, countertop and plumbing was completed on this job.  Dwight and Trella installed knobs and pulls on the cabinet doors.  A house blessing was held by Fred’s team on Thursday afternoon and the homeowner is delighted with the finished product.


Job #9 – This home was also completed this week with the installation of two doors and completion of the flooring and trim work.  A house blessing was held on Thursday by Ray’s team, and the homeowners are excited about doing some additional painting that was not part of our scope of work.


Job #10 – Members of Ray’s team continue to work on the deck, drywall repair and finishing, painting, roof work, as well as plumbing and electrical repair.


Job #11 – Fred’s team continued working at this job site.  They installed flooring and thresholds; continued electrical work in the kitchen; installed drywall, mudded, taped and sanded drywall.  They did demo work in the kitchen and began installing insulation.


Job #12 – Four members of Fred’s team began the work at this new job site.  They removed existing vinyl laminate and patched the subfloor.  On Tuesday through Thursday, Ken and Ev continued to replace the soft flooring and Millie and Suetta installed new laminate in the kitchen, living room and hallway.  They finished the job on Thursday and we are now waiting for a contractor to spray in foam insulation.


On Thursday evening, we celebrated Dwight and Trella’s ten weeks of service with us.  Bev, Loretta and Ruth prepared a baked potato bar, salad and bread pudding for the team.  Dwight and Trella were a great asset to our team – they brought wisdom, experience, humor and gave quiet, steadfast work – we will miss them!  Friday was a very wet, rainy day and Friday evening we experienced a huge thunderstorm.  Because of the water pooling in the large grassy area in front of our RVs, we thought we were parked on lakefront property!


Submitted by Ruth for the Entire Team

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