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How many volunteers were at the project site this week? Where did they come from? 

There were 20 volunteers from Daviess County, Indiana and one volunteer from Tremont, Illinois.  


Describe briefly the work done and the accomplishments for each job worked on. 

Installation of countertops, trim, and flooring as well as spraying insulation at Andy Heid’s home. Finishing dry wall, painting trim, painting walls and floor installation at Andrew Masden’s home. Installation of baseboard, window casing and flooring at Lacey Duke’s home. Spraying of insulation at Brittany Randolph’s home.  


What were the highlights of the week? 

Some of the teenage girls in the group were very proud of learning how to install flooring and were kept busy all week with that. The entire group was very energetic, positive, and accomplished a lot of work.  On Wednesday evening client Lacey Duke and 3 children came for supper. After she told her tornado story and also talked about the positive benefits from the storm…bringing the people of the community together.   


What are your plans for the upcoming week?  

Successfully host the group from Mercersville Mennonite and work toward completion of two homes.  


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