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This week the weather was nice at Jennings, LA. We did not have any short-term volunteers this week but are being blessed with one volunteer from VA next week.

Even though we were short manned our two crew leaders Philip and Doug managed to complete two jobs for our clients.

At Charles home our crew of two removed a bedroom ceiling. Replaced it with new drywall, and mudded, sanded, primed it, and painted the ceiling, which closed this job.

At Rosa home our crew removed the linoleum flooring in the kitchen and replaced it with flooring. In addition, the front door was readjusted and drip-edge was replaced in the carport. This job was also closed.

On Thursday, Frida, the Pastor’s wife from the Jennings Church of Crist, cooked us a very tasty Cajun supper. We also had a great time with other church members that were invited.  It’s   always a blessing to have fellowship with other people from the community. On Sunday after church, we were invited to the Pastor’s home where Frida, again fed us with a wonderful Cajun meal, and as always, we are receiving wonderful meals from Joyce our head cook.

We have been short manned since we opened in October but are scheduled to receive a larger group of short-term volunteers next week.

The weather continues to be agreeable and we thank God for the wonderful volunteers we have received to serve our Lord so far. The local community is very thankful for our presence here.

Vern, Joyce, Philip, Doug, Gary

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