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This week we had 15 youth from the Denver, PA area, as well as two young ladies from New York. All together they were a power house of carpentry finishers, roofers, and painters.

The roofers steamed through two of the extra jobs that would otherwise not have been done, because two of the six homes we are building are now so close to completion that we need further work for some of the people who come.

Wilford Miller’s house is almost ready for the big moment of his home dedication next Thursday. There was a little more trim painting to do, plus electrical and plumbing work. Wilford is well known in Iowa as the Black Angel, as he helps so many people. One of the women he has helped, Teeter, in turn helps him with reading all his paperwork and processing the many legal and financial tangles of home-owning.

In Joyce Prudhomme’s home, lots of mudding got done, as well as sanding and flooring. The ramp is complete with railing and spindles.

At Beau Landerman’s house the exterior trim got painted and looks very nice. Meanwhile, inside, the drywall went up and the taping and mudding began. Facia trim went up on the edge of the roof.

Spring has come to Louisiana! It will rapidly head north, so take courage, all you Northerners!

Christa Barth,

Office Manager

on behalf of our crew

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