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Another big week. Monday started out with the powerful experience of a meeting between Mennonite church leaders, MDS leaders, and FEMA leaders, as well as some MDS funding groups. The topic of discussion? Working together to build resilience in the face of disasters, which are only worsening as time goes on.

The result? Amazing solidarity and inspiration to hope and dare for more working together.

As the “Together Team” solidified their relationships, our MDS team continued to finish up at David Stelly’s house, which is very close to completion. We are starting to look forward to a House Dedication within the next couple of weeks!

Wilford Miller’s house saw all the insulation go in, with all the drywall hung and taped. More electrical connections went in as well. Our volunteer electrician, Larry, was here again, helping us to move along.

At Joyce Prudhomme’s home, the crew put sheathing on the roof and wrapped the house. They put the rest of the straps on the walls, installed windows and doors and hung soffit. The shingles should soon be on.

It has been a good week, in spite of heavy rain at times.

Christa Barth, Office Manager

On behalf of the Jennings crew

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