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This week we had a group of Thirteen Old Order Mennonites volunteers from Southern Eastern Pennsylvania, who came eager to serve at our project. In addition, Don and Rachel Horst have joined our MDS team to serve. They will replace Verne and Gary as the Project Director and Office Manager.

Leonard crew removed siding, replaced with new, caulked, primed and painted the exterior of Laura’s home. Sanded, mud, and drywalled inside and painted. Then trimmed where needed.

Ric and Richard and crew caulked and drywalled and painted at George’s home.

Richard and crew removed front door and installed new door and storm door. Repaired handrail on ramp. Poured concrete to level the ramp access at Sheila’s Home.

Doug and crew laid flooring thru out house. Painted walls, assembled kitchen cabinets and installed them. Installed kitchen hood and fan. Installed light fixture and repaired living room electrical problems. Did drywall patching and painting at Doris’s home.

Rich and crew completed repairing Rosa’s Laundry and bathroom by installing bathroom sink, installing toilet, Hung door and trimmed. Installed new water heater. Installed vanity light fixture and touch up paint at Rosa’s home

Doug and crew removed and installed new roofing and shingles at Verge’s home.

This week we had the Pastor’s wife along with members of his church provide two Cajun meals.

Along with our MDS cooks our group was very well fed. 

Freida provided breakfast for our group on Friday and wished each of heading home this weekend safe travel.

We are looking forward to another new short-term volunteer group to help next week with their eagerness to serve our Lord. We thank all who serve and wish to extend out blessings to each person who has taken the time out of there busy life to help those in need, here at Jennings Louisiana.


Vern, Joyce, Joy Ric, Doug, Gary Rachel, Don

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