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This week saw some long-term staff changes. Steve and Christa Barth replaced Rollin Ulrich as Director and Josie Schwarzentruber as Office Manager, while Tina Miller replaced Anita Stoner as Head Cook. Anita’s husband Andy, our trusty Assistant Cook, has had to be replaced by weekly volunteers the last two weeks, since we did not have a long-term volunteer to come in for that. 

A new crew leader Emil Warren came from New York, to learn from Doug Goertzen and others about how MDS works and what fortified building is. 

Our weekly volunteers included three others from New York and several other parties from Canada and the U.S. We had a grand time mixing and matching as we worked, laughed, played and shared together. 

Willa Scott’s home had piers poured and dirt back filled into place, ready for floor beams. David Stelly’s home got exterior and interior walls framed in, a front porch put on, and trusses put up. 

Brenda Nixon’s home is much farther along. It has house wrap, electric wires pulled, and drywall going up. Windows and doors are installed and the porch posts are set. On the Tuesday call between MDS and the local team, we can feel how the group effort between MDS, case managers, and contractors brings it all together in a way no one group could ever manage on their own. The mayors of these small towns go to bat for us as well. Not to be forgotten, the church that houses us is constantly surrounding us with love, food, and good care. 

Submitted by Christa Barth, Office Manager 

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