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We are grateful for the two weekly volunteers, Peter Erb and Louisa Pirozzi-Erb, from Dundee, Ohio, who arrived Sunday, May 22. We enjoyed working with them; they added spice to our group! Saturday, May 27, Leo and Mim Martin returned to Pennsylvania. We will miss them and their contributions to the work here.

The work on house 095 continues. In spite of the small group, much was accomplished. They completed the sub-flooring and the siding, except for the end gables. Because of Leo’s expertise, the electrical work is finished. Peter built box housing for the water heater and David put up soffit. Project director, Don, ordered lumber and supplies and, along with David, hauled the lumber to base camp. We returned some of the incorrect Simpson ties and re-ordered correct ones. We took one of the trucks for an estimate for body work.

Next week, we will add repairs for house 100 to our work agenda, as well as drywalling and other projects for house 095. We also hope to begin work on the new build, house 094.

Thursday evening, the homeowner of house 095, along with two of her sisters and her aunt, joined us for a delicious supper prepared by Pauline and Mim. It was a fun evening with the homeowner’s aunt regaling us with stories. The homeowner related her experience during the hurricane and expressed her gratitude for the work Mennonite Disaster Service is doing for her and others in the area.

Submitted by

Josie Swartzentruber

for the Jennings Team

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