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Since our other head cook left we have been joined by another is picking up that task.  The meals this week were rated “delicious”.

This past week workers struggled with the heat and humidity of southern LA.  Those from PA took a day or two to acclimate (as much as one can) to heat indices over 100 degrees and dew points in the high 70’s.  Lots of water and Gatorade to keep workers hydrated kept them working on the new build.  They worked on the floor joists and subflooring.  All of the outside framing and the trusses were put up by midweek.  Work continued with blocking, strapping, and then setting posts for the front porch.  Sheeting was placed on the roof, and it’s beginning to really look like a house.  The workers from PA weren’t always sure they were making much progress because they had to do things differently here in order for the home to withstand hurricanes.  One day they came back from the job and quickly headed to the showers.  A brief, but strong rainstorm had hit where they were working, and they were momentarily cold!

At two of the other jobs there were clean up tasks, painting jobs, and flooring laid.  One of the homeowners joined us for the evening meal one evening.  She was so grateful for the improvements on her house and for those who had come to do the work.  Over and over and over again she expressed her gratitude.  We were reminded how for our clients the “rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew.”  Their prayers were answered when the MDS workers came to build and repair their homes.

In spite of the heat, volunteers expressed interest in doing MDS projects in the future, and several reported that they had had fun!  They shared in fun and laughter as well as hard work.

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