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We were blessed with the arrival of 17 energetic youth and sponsors from Yellow Creek Mennonite Church located in Goshen, Indiana.  They had an amazing level of energy in spite of the fact they left their home place 2:30 a.m., drove to Chicago, flew to New Orleans and then traveled by rental car (3 vehicles) to Jennings.

Sunday evening, we spent time during the orientation with introductions and soon made several connections with our extended “Mennonite Family”.  It was obvious this group was very comfortable working and playing together.

The group was assigned to four projects.  One of the projects was a new build and the volunteers installed windows, siding and other nailing operations.  This is the new fortified building the first one by MDS in this area.  Another group worked on an ongoing renovation project, and helped install bathroom fixtures, trim around windows and doors, plus a few concrete jobs.  The other two projects were centered in Jennings and both include major renovations.  In the one project major floor repair was required as the bathroom floor area was a total loss.  The final project required new ceilings and other wall improvements.

Each evening Don would ask the groups to report on their daily activities.  One of the evenings the person who was asked to report was in the sleeping area and all of sudden appeared above the partition atop the top bunk and calmly gave his report.  We were all smiling at the view he must have had from his perch.

Next week work will continue at the same projects.

For the Jennings crew,

Don, Ryan, Leonard, David, Duane, Jim, Marie & Nelson

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