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This week was very productive. We had a group of 9 young women from Wisconsin, with Donald Martin and 3 other chaperones.

Joyce Moss’s home got new flooring and some wall repair, and a carport got erected, ready for tin roofing next week. Trim will go in next week as well.

Pamela Parker’s home needed a lot of drywall replacement and repair, due to faulty workmanship by relatives of hers. Doug Goertzen led a crew in fixing it and painting. The painting will continue next week.

Sheryl Benoit’s home needed interior wall repair and roof edging replaced. There too a lot got done, with painting coming up next week.

The highlight of the week was joining in a house blessing on Wednesday afternoon for Brandilyn Soileau. It was a special victory, since the blessing had to be postponed from before Christmas, due to Brandilyn suffering a stroke. By Wednesday she was up and around and recovering well, her jolly laugh resounding through the house.

The girls also enjoyed holding the alligator babies at Alligator Chateau near camp. This has been a fun attraction for our weekly visitors! I (Christa) also enjoyed listening to a rip-roaring Farkel game Thursday night, and the peaceful singing the girls did several times during the week.

Christa Barth reporting for the Jennings Team

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