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This week we have a lively group of six young girls from central Wisconsin. They brought two older couples with them, who have fun right along with them, as well as with the rest of us. Dave and Marian Mininger and Pauline Yoder also arrived over the weekend, so that Pauline and Marian could make up our cooking team, and Dave can help us with crew leading.

On Tuesday we finished up Tena Benoit’s house and got her to sign off the job card. She is one happy, grateful home owner.

Tina and Vernon Deshotel’s house has a new floor and doors. Several ladies stayed back at camp to paint them, on Monday and Tuesday. On Thursday Tina brought Vernon and her brother, Dominic, to cook jumbalaya in real gas cookers. We ate it for supper with a bean/potato/sausage mix, and it was GOOD!

At Indira Frances’ house, the siding got all its paint, and the crew moved indoors to finish cleaning up messes. Lester Brubaker from Wisconsin put new wiring in. The ladies scrubbed the beautiful snap-in laminate floors (that were already there) and covered them carefully with floor paper, so they do not get marked up.

We started on a new house, belonging to Tricia Stroder, where her husband Shawn was happy to help clean up the old shingles and debris that fell. He suffered brain damage some years ago, when a police car ran into him while he was out on his bicycle. His balance is messed up, so he cannot climb on the roof. Their house sure needs some help; the tub should have been retired a long time ago, not to mention a few other things. It is one of the ‘tiny’ houses that amazes me, what people put up with when they have nothing else to choose from.


Submitted by Christa Barth on behalf of the Jennings, LA team

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