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Cleo Koop is back, with a group of 24 “oldies” (but goodies) from Kansas. We had a busy week taking care of everyone, but as usual, the work progressed to our satisfaction. Three of Cleo’s crew work in a newly-established MDS cabinet shop back in Kansas. We are happy it worked out for two of them to go to Lake Charles on Thursday and Friday, to install a set of cabinets they had helped to make.

On Wednesday the cooks and office manager took donuts around to the different job sites and got to see all the work going on. This photo is taken at Jacob Cardiff’s house. He is a military veteran who has been down a rough road, but is now getting his home completely redone on the inside.

The cold rain this week made for a rough ride for some of the crews. Imagine fixing facia and drip edge on a roof that is dripping rain onto your shoulders and down your back. Or wading through up to eight inches of water while you try to complete the siding on someone’s home. Or, try lying in water under the house while you fix the plumbing. Then, when you come back to camp, the building is cold because the heat is not working right. These were some of the hurdles we faced with our 60-70-year-olds.

Due to the size of our crew this week, and in spite of the rain, we were able to have five work teams, with doors hung in the home of Sheryl Benoit, and the plumbing done at Pamela Parker’s house. (This is thanks to Cleo Koop’s willingness to burrow in the mud.) Lucinda Pattum’s house addition got weathered-in.  Myisha Nixon got help with her roof edge, and Jacob Cardiff’s house is much farther ahead. The fifth team was installing cabinets in Lake Charles.

Christa Barth reporting for the Jennings Team

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