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“Praise God from whom all blessings flow.” We stood, crowded around Ms. Joyce Manuel in her beautiful home, tears in our eyes and smiles on our faces. Joyce’s house repairs were finished, thanks to our diligent RV crew. The stories were told and the blessings intoned, and only dessert was left, made by Joyce herself as part of a luncheon she cooked for the RV crew.

This house dedication on Tuesday, January 24 felt so special, since Joyce was such a gracious host and participant in all the daily snacks and meals partaken of by the work crew.

Meanwhile, the traditional crew has been forging ahead on three different homes. We had a very fun group of cousins with their husbands, led by Gayle and Dayton Frey, who will be at Lake Charles for five weeks consecutively to this week. We played card games, had a ping pong tournament, finished a VERY difficult puzzle, and laughed uproariously at the many jokes and teasing that came.

Lucinda Pattum’s extension is almost weather-proofed and ready for work inside. Some electrical work has already been done. Sheryl Benoit’s house is getting the final coats of paint, and the floor is going in.

Pamela Parker’s house is getting its first coats of primer while the flooring waits in the spare room.

On Thursday night Freida Platt brought in boiled crawfish to taste!

Christa Barth reporting for the Jennings Team

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