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Another productive week. Ten old-order youth from several states met down here and gave us a wonderful boost!

Pamela Parker got almost all new flooring, significantly improving the look of her house.

Sheryl Benoit’s home had lots of mudding, sanding and painting done, in addition to some flooring, plumbing and electrical work.

Joyce Moss, an amputee, lived in the house with her husband the whole time our crews were working. Their patience has been well-rewarded: they have new floors and trim and a new carport outside.

The re-worked addition to Lucinda Pattum’s house is going forward quickly. Soon the leaky roof should be fixed, improving the use of her house, which is all taken apart and piled deep in her belongings. She is waiting for the addition to provide her with a more accessible bedroom and bath for her disabled condition.

The weekly crews who come down here often enjoy holding the baby alligators at the Alligator Chateau a mile or two from camp. They also always get admonished by the pastor to be sure and leave their mark on the wall surrounding the bunk cubicles. And last but not least, they do

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