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This week we have six young ladies from Indiana, and ten men and women from the finger lakes area of New York. They are an especially lively bunch, enjoying no end of teasing and bantering. We get in on it at supper when the crew leaders pick someone to report on the day.

One crew has been fixing a trailer roof and making a new front porch and ramp at the same house. It was difficult work as the yard was very muddy. Today they finished up the job and were able to come help on Indira Francis’ house, where our largest current job is in process.

At Indira’s house, the outside is starting to look very nice, with new windows, and trim going up today, between the rain drops. Today Harold Zimmerman is on his side digging at plumbing pipes under the house. Inside, the first ceiling and drywall is up, helping along the vision of how the house will be. Some mudding even got done.

At Tricia Stroder’s we had to tear out the bathroom to rebuild. They lived with a porta-potty for a couple of days, but then we had to move them out temporarily because the wiring was so hazardous. The roof is done but there is a lot of interior work still, where the back rooms had to be torn out and replaced down to the subflooring and studs.

We are very much looking forward to the dedication of Tina and Vern Deshotel’s house on Monday. In preparation, I took six young ladies over there to clean for Tina. Two of them are cabinet finishers, so we ended up fixing her cabinet doors for her, too. Others have been finishing construction details. We are so grateful this one couple will soon be able to move back in!! It has been a long, tough road for them.


Submitted by Christa Barth on behalf of the Jennings, LA team

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