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Five volunteers from New York arrived in time to enjoy a bowl of scrumptious gumbo the church was
serving after their annual Christmas party. The New Yorkers joined our long-term volunteers who are
from OH, IL, PA and KS, bringing our team to eleven this week.

On Monday the ladies hung dry wall at Tina’s house. The rest of the week was spent deep cleaning, laying
laminate flooring in the kitchen, installing baseboard and ceiling trim, painting the front door, hanging a
ceiling fan and light fixtures at Tonie’s house. Work was completed at James house when new doors were
hung throughout the house as well as a new front and storm door.

Highlight of the week was the joyful spirit in which these ladies tackled the deep cleaning task at Tonie’s
house and the enormous difference they made there. Thursday evening was a special time as well, when
folks from the church prepared and served us our evening meal.

Plans for the upcoming week are to install metal roofing on Jessica’s house and continue hanging drywall
at Tina’s house.

In the middle of the week we were stumped as to why the electrical power in part of Tonie’s house was
lost. After much discussion, it was decided an electrician needed to investigate the problem. Meanwhile,
trouble lights and extension cords were brought to the site so the ladies could continue deep cleaning.
After removing stacks of things from the bedroom, Doug decided to lift up a newly revealed picture
hanging on the back wall. Sure enough, it was hiding a second braker box. A simple flip of a braker that
had been thrown earlier, restored the current. Thanks to the ladies doing deep cleaning, the mystery
was solved without the help of an electrician.

Submitted by Rachel Horst on behalf of the Jennings, LA team

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