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A group of 12 young women and men from Pennsylvania joined us in Jennings for two weeks, Dec. 3-16. Since they were already familiar with the work, the second week started out smoothly. Larry joined us early in the second week to do the electrical work on the Scott house. It was so helpful to have a skilled electrician do that work and teach one of the youths more about electrical work.

The first weekend in December the long-term volunteers joined Christ’s Church of Jennings for their Christmas party. They provided gifts for us to participate in a “steal a gift” event. After some fun back-and-forth with some sought after gifts, we all ended up with something. We also ate a meal at Fazzo’s Seafood where could pin where we were from on a map. Needless to say, for some of the year-long volunteers, their home was not even on the map.

The Nixon home got framing around the window for the screens and the frames were wrapped. We installed insulation, finished hanging the drywall and started taping.

We installed the drip edge, got the fortified inspection, and shingled the roof on the Scott house. We also installed doors and worked on the porch. The electrician finished the electric work, and we got the open wall inspection.

After we received the open wall inspection at the Stelly house, insulation was installed, the drywalling was hung and taped.

At the Miller home, a lot of progress was made. Floor sheeting was installed, the inside/outside walls were erected, and we put up trusses and blocking. We received the fortified inspection and put on the roof sheeting, the drip edge, and starters. After we received the fortified inspection, we put on the wall sheeting, shingled the roof, and wrapped the walls. We also installed the doors and worked on the porch.

At the Prudhomme home the trenches were dug, and rebar started.

Also at the Landerman home, the trenches were dug, rebar installed, and cement poured. We started working on the piers.

This is the last week for the year-long volunteers in Jennings. Eric Douglas, Inko Ndlovu-Mathuthu, Jack Odhiambo, and Janis Ott have been here since mid-October. They have made a significant contribution to our work here and developed some very good relationships with the local community. We wish them the best as they move on to other locations.

Submitted by Gayle Frey, Office Manager

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