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We welcomed Mary Joyce and Laura Faye from New York as our two weekly volunteers this week. Mary Joyce has worked with MDS previously and she filled our expectations of serving as a capable fill-in crew leader. They worked at the house in Elton, pulling up old carpet and flooring. They put up drywall, completed mudding the drywall and sanded prepared walls. They swept the floors, leaving everything nice and clean for the upcoming crews. They also did clean up work at the new build and hauled away several loads of trash. We are grateful for the work they completed.

Phil Helmuth, Project Coordinator for this area, and his wife, Loretta, spent the week here, as well.  Phil juggled his time between Jennings and Lake Charles, overseeing the projects.

This week was unusual since we had no cook! The Jennings Church of Christ stepped up to the “plate” and provided both breakfast and supper the entire week. We truly appreciate the generosity and support this church has been to the work of Mennonite Disaster Service in the Jennings area.

Submitted by Josie for the Jennings Team

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