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This Thanksgiving week, we were thankful to be together with sixteen of us who already knew each other from last week. On Thanksgiving Day, we all got in our vehicles and drove the one-and-a-half miles to Jim and Janet’s home, where we joined them and their extended family for a wonderful dinner they had cooked for everyone. They already volunteer to wash our laundry several nights a week, so that dinner was an added gift and effort for them. Thanks Jim and Janet!

Although we had a smaller crew, the four weekly volunteers who stayed on from last week were already familiar with the work and the people with whom they were working. This was very helpful toward getting more done than we otherwise might have.

This week we focused on getting more homes moved toward being above ground and weather-tight. Willa’s house in Jennings progressed from getting subfloor and two exterior walls on Monday, to getting all its walls and hurricane straps by Thursday. On Friday the roof trusses went on and porch poles went up.

Wilford Miller’s house in Iowa got pier blocks, ready for pouring piers early next week. We are looking forward to when that one can be raised above the ground.

Back in Jennings, David Stelly’s home on Grace Street got some windows and doors on Monday, and some dry wall behind where the ventilation system needed to sit. On Tuesday both the ventilation and plumbing crews arrived at the same time and were happily mixing with our electrician and the rest of the crew. So most of our crew ended up outside, installing porch joists while the contractors did their work! On Wednesday lots more flooring got done on the porch, and more electrical work. By Friday, the electrical work was done and the porch railing well under way.

Now we are preparing for the 11 young men who will be coming in on Sunday night, in addition to some long-term additions to our team over the weekend.

Submitted by Christa Barth, Office Manager

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