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1.    How many volunteers were at the project site this week? Where did they come from? 

The weekly volunteers in Dawson Springs during the week of January 9 – 24 totaled eight. Six young men from Wisconsin, ages 17-18, came with various skill levels, a great work ethic and willingness to learn.  One of the 17 years olds had his 18th birthday while with us. He chose ice cream for his birthday dessert. One 31-year-old gentleman from Indiana with future plans to continue with MDS contributed well-learned skills. One lady from Michigan came with an eagerness to help wherever needed.  

2.    Describe briefly the work done and the accomplishments for each job worked on. 

This group accomplished so much! They put 37 hours of patching and mudding into house #1, insulated and dry walled, did patch work and sided half of house #2 and constructed all walls, trusses, finished roof sheathing, ice-water shield & roofing felt installed, as well as the porch floor, frame & deck installation on house #4. 

3.    What were the highlights of the week? 

Our long-term volunteer visited a group of about 10 men working on another house nearby. He learned that they were with Habitat for Humanity and invited them for lunch. They came and joined them at one of the MDS sites for a time of prayer and fellowship during the lunch break. 

4.    What are your plans for the upcoming week?  

With a group of 12 coming, hopes are to prepare house #1 and 2 to be painted, raise house #5 and roof house #4.  We are excited to host the 3 family members of house #1 for dinner and a sharing time on Wednesday evening. 

5.    If you have any short stories or quotes from the week please share them. 

Quote from the pastor at Sunday service, “You don’t have to beg God for something that He’s already promised you.” 

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