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Our weekly volunteers this week travelled from the Mifflinburg, PA area.  There were three couples and 5 single men.  Our work here is winding down, as we will be closing up this site at the end of March.

Monday found a large group of volunteers mudding at the house in Princeton.  MDS is continuing work on that house that had been previously framed by a contractor.  Volunteers insulated and put up drywall at the end of last week and began the taping and mudding process this week.  Tuesday the exterior painting was also started there.  By Thursday volunteers were sanding walls and finishing the exterior painting.  Interior painting began on Friday.

Finish up continues at Evelyn’s and Alan’s as the baseboard is finished, nail holes filled, touch up painting done and closet shelves and towel bars installed.  At Lisa’s, now that the floor is in, painting is being done on door casings, window extensions and trim, and vanities installed.  Doors are also being installed and volunteers made use of the beautiful weather to paint trim and doors outdoors to be ready for installation soon.  Appliances were picked up and installed and the final clean was finished on two houses by the end of the week!

Debbie, her son, and her aunt came to share the evening meal with us on Wednesday, along with Josh and Stacey.  Debbie told her story of the night of December 10.  She went to be with her mother at her home, where they were safe but Debbie’s house close by was totally destroyed.  She made her way to her brother’s in the dark and pounding rain and helped get his wife out of the wreckage.  She was taken to the hospital, where she eventually recovered.  Debbie told of her glass ornament collection that was on her Christmas tree.  Three ornaments held the words Faith, Hope and Love.  She found Faith and Hope shattered, but Love was still intact!

Many of our team love puzzles, and this last month we’ve done 12, many times with short term volunteers joining us around the table.  Our record is 10-12 of us working together to complete a 1000 piece puzzle in 2.5 hours!  What fun!  It takes teamwork, just like building a house together!

Dawson Springs, KY team – Hank, Stephanie, Joanne, Ron and Char, Steve and Gina, Mike and Linda

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