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March 10-16, 2024. We welcomed 10 new volunteers this week, including a couple from Virginia, and the rest from Ohio, many of whom were from Mike & Linda’s home church, including their son, daughter-in-law, and 3 grandchildren, a family of three, and several men.

Monday dawned very frosty and cold, but when the sun came out, it warmed up quickly into a beautiful day! The crews headed out on Monday to four houses. At Lisa’s the painting continued through Tuesday. The rest of the week the volunteers installed window casings and the kitchen cabinets were installed. The volunteers began laying flooring on Thursday, and almost finished. Work is wrapping up on Lila’s house as Monday and Tuesday trim was painted, the exterior doors painted and walls were touched up, and the house cleaned.

Volunteers were busy at Evelyn’s installing the kitchen cabinets, installing doors in jambs, filling cracks in the plywood floors and trimming around windows. By Wednesday the laminate flooring was installed and volunteers began hanging doors, which finished by Friday and baseboard installation was begun. At Alan’s house the microwave was installed, the side door painted, nail holes filled, window trim was finished and the tops glued on the vanities. By Wednesday the baseboards were finished, the medicine cabinet put up and various touch ups done. At Norma’s the final cleaning is being done to prepare for the dedication on Friday. Appliances were also installed in three of the homes.

Our guests for our Wednesday evening meal were Alan’s family, and Josh, Stacy and Katina, all from Catholic Charities. Alan shared his tornado story with us and also shared his thanks for the new home they will be moving into soon.

The four children who came with their parents this week helped their parents with painting, flooring, and drywall hanging and also spent time having fun using their imaginations to build various things, including an MDS village out of cardboard and scrap wood, and various signs they put up at sites

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