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On Sunday evening 11 volunteers joined us for the week from several communities in northeast and southeast Ohio.  It’s going to be a much cooler week here but except for the new build, most of the work will be indoors.

This week at Ava’s, ladies painted the primer throughout the house, continuing with the top coat on the ceilings and walls and painting trim and doors.  On Thursday, volunteers started laying the flooring and by Friday it was finished.

At the new build, volunteers put down the subfloor, put up the exterior walls and ties, and by Wednesday, interior walls were up, OSB put on, trusses up and the porch was being constructed.  They worked in some cold weather this week and needed hot coffee to keep them warm on site!  On Thursday volunteers worked on decking and stairs, the roof sheeting and felt went on and shingles were on the roof waiting to be started on Friday.  On Friday they shingled the entire roof and worked on ties and decking.

 At James’, baseboard was put up, holes filled with putty, door knobs put in, shelving installed, deck steps finished, attic access done, put up a door and finished the final trim paint.

Finish up is happening at Stephanie’s also, including putting up medicine cabinet and working on the side deck.  At four of the homes, concrete pads were poured at the bottom of the front porch steps.

On Wednesday evening, Josh and Katina joined us from Catholic Charities, and we enjoyed hearing more about all the work done behind the scenes by Catholic Charities before we even begin the homes.

So much was accomplished this week and we had a great week with the volunteers!

Dawson Springs Team, Ron and Char, Lavern and Ella, Michael, Mike and Linda

One way to do great things for Christ is to do little things for others.

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