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This week we had an energetic group of 14 young single adult Amish volunteers from eastern Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  For 2 days there were 3 volunteers from Kansas. Last week I forgot to mention that Michael Hogg joined us as a long-term volunteer on Sunday 10.  Michael hails from Michigan.

The group from Kansas brought some kitchens and installed them in Brittany and Andy’s houses.

Besides cabinets, interior and exterior painting were accomplished at Andy’s house.  On the exterior of Brittany’s house siding was installed, soffit completed, deck work, and pad concrete poured.  In addition to cabinets priming paint, and some final paint were applied on the interior.  At Andrew’s most of the interior work was finishing hanging drywall, followed by taping and mudding. Outside it was caulking. Interior work at Lacy’s consisted of finishing the mudding and starting the sanding.  Exterior work included siding and facia completion, caulking, and painting.  Deck railing work was done as well.

A highlight of the week was on Wednesday when Andy came to dinner and shared his experience of riding out the storm, how his life has been impacted, and his anticipation of moving into his new house.

Next week we hope to get all the houses to a place where the Summer Youth coming in July can bring them to completion.

Respectfully submitted by Roland Stutzman for the Long-Term Staff at Dawson Springs.

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