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This week in Dawson Springs our weekly volunteers consisted of one.  Bill from Indiana was our only weekly volunteer, and this was his second week of service.  Despite this Monday through Thursday, we had a crew of 5 working on Lacy Duke’s house as some of the Long-Term Volunteers pitched in to help.  Friday, the crew consisted of 3 and they also worked at the Duke house.  Primarily, the work consisted of dry wall taping and mudding.  Rita, our cook, did some painting in the kitchen of the Duke house so it will be ready for cabinets.  Michael and Bob built some steps and then poured a concrete base, also at the Duke house.  Despite the short supply of volunteers, Andy Heid, one of the survivors we are building a house for, still stuck to his weekly routine, and brought donuts on Friday.

A highlight of the week was Josh Hipp, the Catholic Charities Construction Manager, contracted some dry wall professionals to hang, and tape the drywall in 2 of the 4 houses MDS is working on this summer.  This will help a lot in having the houses ready for the Summer Youth Project in July.

Next week we anticipate getting a lot done as there will be 14 Amish young people coming from the Narvon/Gap area of Pennsylvania.  Also 3 people from Kansas will be here 2 days to hang cabinets, hopefully in 2 houses.

Bob our project director introduced the long termers to the game of Wizard, and many evenings some of the group would play a round or two.

Respectfully submitted by Roland Stutzman for Bob and Sandy Martin, Jonas Schmidt, Rita Friesen, and Linda Stutzman

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