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1.    How many volunteers were at the project site this week? Where did they come from? 

For the week of January 30 – February 3, our weekly volunteers were a group of old order Mennonite young people – 6 males and 6 females from the Lancaster, PA, area.  

2.    Describe briefly the work done and the accomplishments for each job worked on. 

With an inch coating if ice coming Monday evening, and very cold temperatures, the work had to be 

adjusted for a couple of days, but it did not deter this group. At house number one, trim, casings and doors 

were painted and installed. At house 2, the interior painting was completed, the floor laid and the kitchen 

installed. The group framed house 3 and began setting trusses. House 5 was sided and stairs installed. 

3.    What were the highlights of the week? 

This groups of girls sang for us several times, and their sweet harmony was such a blessing.  

Watching the whole group run to help as the trucks had difficulty climbing the driveway incline with the ice was heart-warming.  The fellowship was lovely. 

4.    What are your plans for the upcoming week?  

With the long term team changing quite a bit, the plans are to complete drying in house #3 and sheetrock house #4. 

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