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1.    How many volunteers were at the project site this week? Where did they come from? 

A married couple from Tuscola, IL, drove this group of 8 Amish gals and 4 young men from Illinois (Arthur area) to serve the week of January 23 – 27, 2023. 

2.    Describe briefly the work done and the accomplishments for each job worked on. 

House number 1 is becoming a home.  This group of gals sanded sheetrock, primed and painted the whole house as well as trim and installed all floors.  House number 2’s trim was painted, walls were taped, sanded and primed.  The group started painting the ceiling also.  They were not the only ones working hard, though!  House number 4’s roof was shingled and sided, including soffit and facia, and railings were installed. At house number 5, windows and doors were installed and roofing and porch floors were finished. 

3.    What were the highlights of the week? 

The highlight of this week has to be Wednesday evening when an owner and his daughter entered the camp to have dinner with us. Their case worker and her husband came to speak because the owner said he was not a public speaker. This group drew them in and surrounded them with love.  While our guests started out a bit shy and quiet, they stayed an hour and a half after the case worker left just talking and answering questions.  It was made clear that the father was terribly lonely for his family as he is living in a very small storage container alone while his children, who previously lived with him, are living with their mother until he can house them again. 


The week was a highlight in and of itself.  One crew leader said he needed to rest up after Friday as he had all he could do to keep up with his crew of 8 gals. He smiled as he said that they exited the van and were off in different directions.  The fellowship with these joyful young people was invigorating.   

4.    What are your plans for the upcoming week?  

We are excited to raise up another house!  We have been waiting for a survey to be complete, and as soon as it was done, Catholic Charities poured the slab and we plan to send a crew to begin building our house #3.  We plan to complete the inside painting and flooring in house #2. If possible, we will begin sheetrock on house #4 or #5. 

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