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The work in Dawson Springs is progressing well this third week of the year. The only changes in long term volunteers were the new cooks, Erma Hoover and Kathryn Burkholder from nearby in Kentucky.  Dave and Patti Hughes from Ohio were our Project Director and Office Manager.  Crew leaders Eric Douglas, Keith Barth, and Marian Hosler continued their work.  Also remaining were Calin Driedger and Wilbur Hosler as crew members. Our weekly volunteers were in two groups. From Holmes County, Ohio we had a group of 2 men and 4 women associated with Keim Lumber.  The second group consisted of 7 men and 2 women from Kalona, Iowa.

There was a lot of drywall mudding, taping, and sanding going on at the homes of Norma Russell, Alan Ladd, and Lila Torres.  Volunteers returned to camp with white hair from the dust. The porch steps were completed at the Torres house. Several houses needed the attic access framed and insulated, and Keith got to be adept at that job as he went from house to house with some assistants. Some jobs may not be very noticeable, but they are all important and need to be done well. Some siding was done as weather allowed and will be continued next week. We also expect to move forward next week with painting, then possibly flooring.

This is one project where volunteers get an opportunity to meet homeowners.  Norma Russell and Alan Ladd both stopped out to meet the volunteers and see their houses.  Meeting them is an inspiration to us. On Wednesday, Stacey Menser, the case manager from Catholic Charities, joined us for supper and brought Shelby Cummings and his family. Mr. Cummings described how they felt the air being sucked out of the house when the tornado hit. They huddled together in a hallway, telling the children “I love you”.

On Thursday Erma and Kathryn brought cookies out to the jobsites and had a chance to see the progress. We were happy to share some with the Weaverland Disaster volunteers across the street. There are still several other groups working in Dawson Springs.

We received a shipment of cabinets from the MDS shop in Kansas. We placed them in the Cummings house and Denisha Randolph’s house.  These will be installed next week along with appliances yet to be acquired. These two houses will be ready for dedication soon.

As we finished out this week, the vehicles got a good cleaning and they look beautiful. Foul weather had prevented the volunteers from accomplishing this for the past two weeks.

This was the last week for Wilbur and Marian Hosler who head back to their home in Manheim, PA.  We really appreciate Marian’s experience and leadership as a crew leader. With Wilbur’s perspective as a pastor, it has been like having a project chaplain.

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