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Welcome to spring (at the moment!) in Dawson Springs, Kentucky!  It’s a lovely, sunny 60 degrees today and you can be sure the crews are enjoying this weather, especially compared to the ice of last week!

We had a transition weekend with Bob and Sandy, Ryan, Al and Carla, and Megan, heading out from their month here.  Thanks to all of them for getting this site up and running for the month, and for their work on the homes that are being built in Dawson Springs!  Jonathan and Michael stayed on to continue the work and were joined by Mike and Linda, Project Director and Office Manager, Ron and Char, Crew Leader and Cook, (all from Ohio) and Joanne, also a new Crew Leader, from Oregon.

Our short term volunteers arrived Sunday afternoon, a group of 15 from Diller Mennonite Church in PA, and they have already brought energy and laughter!  They were ready to get to work!  Monday morning found them headed out to Eddie’s house where they installed door knobs, installed the kitchen cabinets and put up some laundry shelving.   A crew also continued the work at Ava’s where they put up trusses and facia, put top plates on interior walls and sheeted the roof.  At Michael’s a crew painted doors and jambs and cut out the extra insulation foam from around the windows.  It was another lovely 60 degree day!

Tuesday found the crews working at the same three homes, putting up facia board and sheeting the roof at Ava’s, doing more painting on doors and casing at Michael’s, plus installing door and window casings and nailing siding.  At Eddie’s closet shelves were installed, vanities were set and kitchen cabinet installation was finished. On Wednesday a crew went to work also at Stephanie’s, insulating and putting up drywall, along with continuing the work at the other three homes.

By the end of the week, everything is almost finished at Eddie’s home, with the porch railing up, paint touched up, and shelving hung.  At Michael’s, window trim was finished, shelving installed, doors hung and they started work on baseboards.  And Friday found a crew at Ava’s, completing shingling and house wrap.  At Stephanie’s all the drywall was hung and ready for taping and mudding next week.

We had a great week and the volunteers accomplished a lot!  The homeowners are so, so grateful!

Dawson Springs Team, Joanne, Michael, Jonathan, Ron and Char, and Mike and Linda

Good works do not bring us to Christ, but Christ brings us to good works!

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