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Sunday evening found us with 15 new volunteers from Ohio, all of whom are either from the home congregation of Mike and Linda or their surrounding community.  It’s so good to see these familiar faces, which includes our son, daughter-in-law and three grandkids, whom we are quite happy to see again!

Young and old(er) went out to work on a beautiful Monday morning.  Blocking and nailing hurricane straps was done at Andy’s, drywall sanding was done at James’.  Appliances were installed, touch up done, medicine cabinets put up and a final clean done at Eddie’s, preparing for a house dedication coming up on Thursday!  The exterior painting was begun at Stephanie’s.

It was a beautiful day to put down sheeting at Andy’s and to carry shingles to the roof.  At Stephanie’s, a crew of volunteers spent the day painting exterior siding, soffits and the front porch.  At James’, volunteers were painting, working inside and out.  Rain held off on Wednesday so the crews could work outdoors- painting the exterior at Stephanie’s and James’.  At Andy’s, shingles were put on, windows in and the house wrapped!

Wednesday evening we enjoyed a meal with Lacy and her two children. They will be getting a new home  beside James.  She shared her journey through the tornado and all the events since, and is looking forward to a new home hopefully by late summer.

Thursday was special as we all gathered at Eddie’s for the home dedication!  As always, it was a tearful but grateful time as we and Catholic Charities gathered to bless this family and their home.

By the end of the week drywall was hung at Ava’s, interior painting was continued at James’ and at Stephanie’s flooring was laid in the house and volunteers began installing doors.

Friday morning we said goodbye to Joanne who was with us the month of February as a crew leader.  Thank you, Joanne, for your work here!  We enjoyed having you with us and appreciate all your leadership!  The weather here on Friday had everyone in Dawson Springs very nervous.  There was a tornado watch and by afternoon the winds were terribly strong!  Most everything stayed intact but two sides of the house wrap did blow off and two port-a-johns were blown over!  Some trees in the area were blown over and there was a tornado about an hour away that did some damage. But the work continued and  kitchen cabinets were installed at James’ and interior painting was done.  At Ava’s, volunteers worked on the drywall.

On Saturday, Jonathan left for home after his six weeks of service here in Dawson Springs.  Thank you, Jonathan, for your leadership as crew leader for those weeks.  We appreciate your guidance with the volunteers!

Dawson Springs Team, Joanne, Michael, Jonathan, Ron and Char, Mike and Linda

Morning is God’s way of saying, one more time go make a difference!

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