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This week we had an extended family of 27 people join us to serve! They are the members of our crew leader Jonathan’s family, from Ohio and Kentucky.  It’s a good dorm full!

Monday found a crew heading to James’ to work on mudding drywall there.  At Michael’s, the volunteers continued painting the exterior, finishing the third side and beginning the front side.

It was another warm day on Tuesday and perfect for outdoor work!  We were excited to begin a new build today for Andy!  The sill plates, rim board and floor joists were installed there, the exterior of the front porch was painted at Michael’s, and the interior ceilings and wall painting began at Stephanie’s, and that painting continued on Wednesday.  The new build saw lots of progress on Wednesday as they set floor joists, put down subfloor and put up exterior walls!  Mudding was also done at James’.

Thursday found a crew at Stephanie’s giving all the trim a second coat, beginning the painting of the jambs and applying the second coat on some.  Also, holes were cut for all the can lights, some siding was repaired, and the siding was caulked, preparing for paint.  At Andy’s, interior walls were built and the exterior walls were sheeted.  On Friday trusses were set at Andy’s and volunteers finished the skim coat at James’.  At Stephanie’s, volunteers continued painting doors and jambs.

Wednesday evening Josh, from Catholic Charities, and Andy, whose house we have just begun, joined us for our evening meal.  Andy rode out the tornado in his car as he just gone to get his flashlight.  He says it is a miracle that he is alive!

It was another very productive week and we are excited about getting two homes very close to completion!

Dawson Springs Team, Joanne, Michael, Jonathan, Ron and Char, Mike and Linda

Faith in action is love, and love in action is service.    Mother Teresa

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