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Dawson Springs, KY

Our 14 new volunteers arrived Sunday afternoon.  Twelve arrived from PA and two from Illinois.  We had an early orientation meeting so those that wanted could watch the Superbowl game.  We didn’t hear a lot of noise from the crowd and all was quiet by 10:00 p.m.!

Crews went out to four houses on Monday.  Drywall taping was started at Stephanie’s and with Sam’s expertise in teaching, he and the three volunteers with him got so much accomplished and it looks great!   At Ava’s, volunteers worked at windows and doors and outside trim.  Countertop was installed, along with vanities, at Michael’s, and they started on the baseboard.  The siding of his house was also caulked, getting ready for paint tomorrow.  Exterior doors were painted at Eddie’s.

Drywall finishing was underway at Stephanie’s and wall board was being put up at James’ on Wednesday.  At Michael’s, exterior painting of hardie board began and Ed installed fans in the bedrooms.  Siding and soffit was put on and porch steps were begun at Ava’s.

Wednesday evening James and his daughter joined us for our evening meal and then James shared their tornado story – huddled on the floor of their home while they heard their house being torn apart all around them.  They still feel on alert when they just hear rain on the roof.

Thursday morning began with lightning, thunder and quite the rain showers, along with a tornado watch!   Knowing the impact of the tornado on the folks here, I’m sure there were many, many people in Dawson Springs reliving the trauma of a year ago!  Because of the rain, volunteers were working inside – painting interior trim at Michael’s, and a whole host of volunteers invaded James’ house to finish hanging the drywall and begin the taping and mudding process.  The taping and mudding is finished at Stephanie’s and sanding began on Friday morning and was completed by the end of the day.  Steps and railings were completed at James’ home as well and a crew worked at the front steps and railings on Ava’s home.

We’ve had some very thoughtful devotions given by the volunteers each morning.  Little seeds planted years ago can take root and grow into incredible life changing events!

Dawson Springs Team, Joanne, Michael, Jonathan, Ron and Char, Mike and Linda

The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you!

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