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Homeowner holding keys and smiling.Homeowner holding keys and smiling.

Partnership Home Program

The Partnership Home Program (PHP) brings sponsor groups together with a homeowner who lost their home because of a natural or man-made disaster to build a new quality home. The sponsor groups are often churches but also MDS Units, community groups, retirement home groups or others. The groups not only build a house from start to finish but develop a relationship with the family or homeowner.

How It Works

The building of a PHP home is composed of four partners: the homeowner; sponsor group; local community and MDS.

Local community representatives and MDS work to identify families in need of a home, matching them with sponsor groups. The families often lack the resources, such as insurance, skilled labor and funds, to build a home.

Once the match is made, the sponsor group can travel to a work site and construct the home during a period of several weeks. Or, they can build the frame and walls in a local warehouse, church or school parking lot, gymnasium or other location involving volunteers who are unable to travel to the work site. The “house” is placed on a truck and shipped to the homeowner site where the home is completed.

The sponsor group can gain additional assistance from MDS to share the cost and allow for more volunteers with other interested sponsor groups.

The power of the PHP project is in the excitement it builds. Seeing a house come together in front of them helps get volunteers and contributors interested in helping. Once the house is shipped, piecing it all together at its final location brings a sense of satisfaction and joy as the family we served finally gets to come home.

How to Get Involved

The success of this program depends on the collaboration of the homeowner, sponsor group, local community and MDS. It also depends on the involvement of volunteers from the sponsor group and others who support them. This is a great opportunity for groups to join together and bring a family to their new home.

To sponsor a PHP, please call MDS at 1-800-241-8111.