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Photo of volunteers playing volleyball at sunset.Photo of volunteers playing volleyball at sunset.

Family Program

The MDS Family Program offers a weeklong summertime experience for the whole family to put hands and feet to the gospel. Organized by MDS Canada and MDS Units, the program takes place at a different location each year in Canada.

Instead of working at a disaster site, families generally stay at a church camping facility where they volunteer their time in projects such as clean up, repair, and building at the camp, thereby furthering the ministry of the camp.

The experience allows MDS to provide appropriate work so that even the youngest family members can participate in an MDS-like volunteer experience. The days are filled with a balance of family fun, work, good food, activities, campfires and spiritual growth. This is a great way to introduce your children the work of MDS and the spirit of volunteerism.

Although we are sometimes blessed to have cabin space, typically families bring their own campers or tents and stay on site. MDS covers the cost of hookups when available and provides all meals for volunteers. There is a $75 registration fee per family. While our families are often parents and children we’ve also had grandparents come with their grandchildren and even had families of up to 4 generations participate in the program!