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Cooks: Marilyn Armstrong, Sara Wiebe, Directors Philip and Elvira Wiebe. Volunteers: 1 family (2 adults, 3 teens).

This week we focused on a lot of finishing details. We had a lot of work started but needed to tie up loose ends. Deck material came in so we could complete that project … all except one post that was damaged.

We conquered another back yard that looked overwhelming to our younger teen but, one weed at a time, we saw progress. By the end of the week that yard looked like we had made amazing progress with it being fully landscaped, fabric and rock put in place.

Our weather was a tad on the warm side, so most days we were back at the park by 3:30. The river was a very welcome break from the heat, work and more bonding happened. A highlight for our 12 year old was Jell-O Jigglers … the wonder of an inexpensive treat never ceases to amaze me!

Highlights again revolved around some of our devotion times, sharing of personal struggles and lifting each other up. Philip and I feel this was again a special week to lift up not only those affected by the flood but also our volunteers.

We have focused on a lot of evening activities for our families every week.

Monday – 1000’ Tunnel walk, explaining how the Kettle Valley Railway came to be, but the highlight is at the end to show the power of a flood—the bridge was washed out during the flood.

Tuesday – Gold panning experience, they get to keep the first vile but the second needs to be donated to MDS. Sorry; so far there are no donations from this experience.

Wednesday – Personal Tour of the museum, this has also been a highlight.

Thursday – we have a homeowner coming in to share. We focus on when did they come to Princeton, something about their life prior to the flood, some have chosen to share about the flood, some just want to move on with life and come to share other positive memories, but all are grateful to see children and parents working together.

Friday – I had an event planned but was very thankful that most were good to hang out at the river.

God provides the right volunteers and we find meaningful work for our families! Until next week . . .

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