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Number of volunteers: 5 long term (Philip & Elvira Wiebe,AB  Marilynn Armstrong, AB

Kobe Hutchinson, BC Sara Wiebe, MB.

One week volunteers:  One mother & son, AB,  2 volunteers from Monte Lake Project, MB one couple joined us Wednesday, AB.

With not a lot of volunteers signed up, we eased into our project with only 2 job cards signed. Our main work is landscaping and fencing. #44 Fenchurch got a lot of work done, the entire property is landscaped, front yard completed with zero scape finish (fabric and crushed rock), side fence was rebuilt and installed, #42 Fenchurch and #44 Fenchurch adjoining properties are landscaped together, will complete this landscape fabric and crushed rock next week.

Highlights of the week:

  • God answers prayers in the form of sending for people for the first week.
  • Meeting home owners and being encouraged by them.
  • Sunday message at Baptist Church (July 17) Luke 10:38-42, practice being a Mary by taking time in your week to listen to job, instead of focused on getting the work done. We as leaders tried to instill this quality in our work day.
  • Sunday Baptism July 24, for a number of our students from Monte Lake project had not witnessed a river baptism before.

Plans for next week;

We will have a full camp. We anticipate completing #44 Fenchurch, get a good start on #27 Fenchurch (remove approx. 2 truckloads of sand and gravel)  # 32 Fenchurch sign job card, start and possible complete landscaping, install cupboards in #136 Lachine.

Our team worked well together, got a lot of work done!

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