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The Paradise RV project has concluded its second week in Butte County. We worked on Sherylee’s home in Concow again this week. Because of the inclement weather, we were unable to reach some of our goals. It rained almost every day so most of the work was inside. Pat, Judy, Carol and Ina were able to complete the installation of insulation in the entire interior of the house. Roger and Chris installed siding on the west side of the house up to the top of the windows. Judy and Carol had painted the siding and trim and were well ahead of the installation so moved inside. Tom Collins, our project leader, left on Tuesday and Pat Powell took over the leadership responsibility. This weekend we have had constant rain, and a few leaks have developed in one of the RVs. In some instances the rain and wind had almost typhoon force and it has been hard to stay dry. Falling trees in the area, because of the fire three years ago, have presented a hazard. We feel we are safe here at the camp, but we are concerned for Sherylee and possible flooding at her place. We will check on her again in the morning. It has been a good week, and the crew has had many good times of fellowship together.

Ina and Roger Heinrichs, Pat and Judy Powell, Chris and Carol Stone, Tom Collins

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