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This week, John Little from Sacramento gave a helping hand to long-term volunteers Clara Coblentz, Jonas Schmidt, Don and Rachel Horst as we closed up the Paradise camp.  Our crew of five was little but mighty!

The cabinets and counter top were installed at Bill Kellogg’s; Charles from Cross Fire Tree Co. brought the dolly over to the household trailer and checked both semis over to be sure they are road worthy.   Much of the final sorting, packing and cleaning of the apartments was completed, and the semis carefully loaded to get everything in.

Tuesday evening, MDS was honored with a Proclamation by Mayor Greg Bolin at the Paradise Town Hall meeting.  After getting most of the household and tool semi-trailers loaded, John took Clara and Jonas to Sacramento for Clara to catch the train back to Montana and Jonas there for his Saturday flight to Canada.  Don’s goal before we left was to complete the final inspection and present Gloria & Jeremiah Reyes with their Certificate of Occupancy and house keys.  This was successfully accomplished on Saturday morning.

We finished cleaning out the six apartments by taking things to the Habitat for Humanity Restore, giving things to the neighbors and recycling.  Additionally, all the steel stakes which we had bundled up earlier, are now loaded onto the back of pick-up truck 63 and the last of the lumber loaded on the flatbed trailer.

Kellogg is on PG&E’s schedule for some time between May 29 and June 2nd to lay the gas and electric lines. Once that is done, we will be able to move ahead on finishing up the last of the new builds MDS is doing here.

After serving six different times here in Paradise, it’s hard to believe we are truly closing down the camp.  What a joy it has been to develop new friendships with the tradesmen, local CFC staff, wonderful volunteers and shed tears of joy as house keys are handed over to the homeowners.  We truly feel blessed to have a great God who guides and fills us with the desire to serve others in their time of need.

Rachel Horst on behalf of the Paradise team.

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