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This has been a busy week with people coming and going!  Our weekly volunteers, Wendy, from Lodi, CA, arrived late Sunday night and Gordon, from Reedley, CA, arrived on Monday night.   Michele WhiteEagle, California MDS Board Chair also arrived on Monday night.  Our long-term group includes: Don, from Pennsylvania, Project Director; Ryan, from Indiana, Construction Supervisor; Ed and Ruth, from Kansas, Crew Leader and Office Manager; Dave and Brenda, from Virginia, cooks, and Paul, from Pennsylvania, Crew Leader.   Steve Wiest, from MDS California was here for Tuesday and Wednesday to begin the permit process for two more sites.  In addition, a group of RVers from California arrived to serve alongside our group.

The Harrell home has been designated as the workplace for the RV group.  Our group, including Michele on Tuesday and Wednesday, worked at the Rubiolo house.  They installed exterior doors with locksets and finished the housewrap.  They marked the location of soffit nailer and then installed the soffit nail boards.  They installed cement fiber boards on the porch ceilings and soffits.  Siding installation was begun on Thursday and continued on Friday.

The cement slab work was completed on the Wynne house – framing will come next.  Ryan worked at the Wylie house, digging holes for the Sonotube for pouring piers.

Brenda and Dave continue to keep us well fed.  Dave also helped with the purchase of a new office printer and the installation.  We appreciate his versatility!


Submitted by Ruth Basinger, Office Manager, on behalf of the Paradise Team

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